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Content Creator, Video Production, Drone Services

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We are actively creating on social media every single day! From our YouTube channel focused on global drone news and how to videos, to our newest channels focused on wider tech and crime reporting, Geeksvana has reached millions of views, tens of thousands of subscribers and an army of channel members.

To find out more about our lead, Sean Hickey - click here to read his profile.

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Geeksvana Studios offers a range of production services. From live streaming client events, to full on location productions, we also offer a range of support services for social media posting.

Our South East based studios are available to clients for a range of specialist productions including training videos, sop libraries, social media posts and much more.

We are also able to offer high quality green screen facilities.

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Geeksvana hold certificates and/or approvals to operate drones within 36 countries. From data generation and mapping to capturing cinematic FPV fly-throughs, we are ready to help you achieve your goals.

As a trusted expert within UK drone regulation, you can be assured that our pilot, Sean Hickey and the Geeksvana team are not only capable of getting the shot, but doing so safely and legally.

This is achieved through the delpoyment of the latest aircraft from the simplest sub 250g camera drone to complex heavy lifters.

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Sean Hickey


The founder and lead of Geeksvana across all business activities, Sean has grown the brand across social media and industry, particularly in the last two years.

Taking the business where the clients and audience want us to be has led to natural growth, whether that is on YouTube as a content creator or through our video production and drone services.

Over the coming years, Sean will continue this progression with the support of a growing team. Although our focus will always be on the drone world and primarily the work in journalism, it is important to keep the mind open to new journeys and opportunities…

UK Registered Journalist

Certificated Drone Operator in 36 Countries

YouTube content creator with millions of views

Live stream event specialist

Video production